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List Your Timeshare For Rent with KEES Travel

The KEES Travel™ Team strives everyday to accomplish a single goal; DELIVERING VALUE. This value applies to vacation home/condo owners that list their real estate for rent with us and the guests that purchase vacation rentals through us. KEES understands the needs of the owner and the vacationer. We understand your expectations. We will use our decades of experience in leisure real estate property management to maximize your rental potential.


Owner or timeshare owner at Coconut Mallory Marina + Resort in Key West?
KEES Travel is accepting listings!
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KEES Outer Banks is accepting new property listings!
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TripForth is accepting new property listings!
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1. How does the process work for timeshare owners?
We try and keep this as simple as possible. The first step is for you to decide whether this is the best usage of your timeshare for this year. If so, print and complete the rental agreement and send it to us or fill out the online form. We will verify the week with the resort (check in day, etc.), place your week into the rental program, and send you an email confirmation that we have done so. After this we will do our very best to rent as much of your week as possible.

2. When do I get my rental check for my timeshare week?
Rental disbursements occur no later than 30 days following the last day of the month your week falls within.  For example, if your week starts September 1, your rental disbursement will occur no later than Oct 31st.

3. How do you generate rental bookings?
Unlike other rental companies, KEES will only accept weeks from timeshare owners at resorts that we have a relationship with. We do this so that we can ensure the best possible service to the owners and rental guests. KEES will utilize numerous online booking engines through our network of partners and our own inbound reservations call center.

4. How will we know if our unit/week was rented? Check on your status by CLICKING HERE
Owners are responsible for contacting KEES to check on the status of their listed week. KEES does not send out any type of notification so please be sure to give us a call before your week begins.

5. What other fees can I expect?
Besides the commission, there would only be occupancy-related charges. This means if we rent your unit for a 4-night stay and then another 3-night stay the occupancy expense would be a cleaning fee.

6. How do I get information for my tax purposes?
If your week(s) produce $600 or more we will generate and mail you a Form 1099 in compliance IRS standards.

7. Is there any guarantee?
Unfortunately, no. What we can guarantee is that we will do our very best to provide you with the best possible service.

8. How do you determine rental rates?  
Rental rates are determined by the market. Factors considered are; time of year, special events in the area, amenities of the resort, and the size/type of unit.

9. What is a “marketing period?” 
Period of time between listing the unit/week for rent and the last night of your unit/week.

10. Where do I send my agreement?
Agreements can be:
Faxed: 757.596.7273
Mailed: PO Box 12967 Newport News, VA 23612


Our roots are in the specialty lodging sector, namely resorts and hotels. We utilize cutting-edge technologies to get your vacation rental property in distribution channels where today's consumer goes to find lodging accommodations. We use top-of-the-line software to manage your rentals effectively and efficiently. 

KEES Travel™ operates throughout the United States and we manage a wide variety of accommodations from hotel rooms to homes. We don't have a slow period. Why is this important for you as an owner? We never stop learning, improving our systems, and not only staying on top of ever-changing consumer trends but lead the way. We bring national-level resources to your vacation rental property.


Our goal is to provide a seamless and worry-free trip. To that end, we have designed all of our systems to accomplish that goal. All of our vacation rental properties have a core set of amenities. Items such as an electronic door lock, coffee, towels and linens, bath dispensers with shampoo and gel, and paper products. We make these items standard for two reasons. First, having these items makes the stay a bit more convenient for the guest. Second, as a repeat guest, there is a confidence level when staying with KEES. We set an expectation.


KEES has its own in-house team that will coordinate housekeeping and maintenance to ensure that your property is perfect for the next guest. We also institute preventive maintenance, deep cleaning schedules, and energy-saving initiatives all through our KEEkare Property Program.

Bottom line is that you deserve the best. KEES has a unique business model that incorporates every facet on every level necessary to deliver the very best results. We know you have a choice in vacation rental property management companies. We hope you choose KEES.