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Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel

What explodes onto your senses when you first behold the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel is not at all what was anticipated when you began down the meandering trail from the parking lot.  It is not only the Chapel's lofty heights, or the massive wooden doors, or even the arches upon arches that gracefully flow above and below each other giving the impression of airy wonder...What is most impressive is that a building of this magnitude, designed and created by the mind of a man, could so seamlessly fit into the natural scene which envelopes it.

Bella Vista is proud to be the home of the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel.  The Chapel was created by renowned  Arkansas architect Euine Fay Jones. In 1991, Fay Jones was awarded the American Institute of Architecture's highest award, the AIA Gold Medal.  Fay was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright where he was first introduced to the principle of Organic Architecture (designing to fit the environment). 

Built to honor Mildred Borum Cooper, wife of John A. Cooper, Sr., Founder of Cooper Communities, Inc, the Chapel is a fitting memorial.  Besides being a devoted wife, mother, and member of the community, Mrs. Cooper had a deep spirituality and love for nature.  Her family commissioned the Chapel in her honor to celebrate her life and her dedication to God and his creations.

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